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The mobile app testing should include a wholesome plan that will involve most of the devices that are being targeted. It will also include a blend of the testing tools; both the manual and the automated tools. The testing of mobile apps is the most critical process. Therefore, it should be handled with some importance so that the apps are released it the market promptly. The main testing face usually comes after the app has been coded and also before it is launched. 


When you look at the reviews that are left in the app stores, you will find that most of the negative comments are on the bugs that were not picked up before the launch of the app. Nothing will kill the app faster than bugs. Therefore, it is essential that you spend some time testing the app through the entire process. You should, thus, know how you can test a mobile application. 


It is vital that in the present scenario the solutions provided for the mobile application testing offer for continuous integrated testing. It should also allow the testers to create, modify and execute tests within no time. The testing solution should also offer plug-ins for the integration into Jenkins. It should also allow the integration into the CI server as an ANT task. This will then lead to the deliverance of the test results in the standard format of JUnit XML format back to the CI server. Find out more at


As a tester, you should know the functions of the app and whether it can perform these tasks as intended. You should also know the people who are going to use the app. As a tester, you need to subscribe to be able to think outside the box. Be ready to try out things in a different way. Most of the mobile testers will tend to assume the thought process of various kinds of clients. This will help them test the app from different scenarios. 


The manual app testing will need a lot of working hours and will, therefore, be costly. However, this kind of testing is vital as it is a method of getting some valuable feedback on the usability of the application. For the mobile apps, the usability is a very critical factor. The unique selling proposition for most of the apps is the usability. It can be challenging to know how usable your app is if a human is not interacting with it on a real mobile phone. You can see more here


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